Product update


New Feature 1 year ago

White label (beta)

The White Labeling allows you to customize Workspace logos, colors, and URLs and make it look like your company produced them.
By setting up a Personal Domain, you will manage all your clients from your own domain instead of
As of now, the White Labeling feature is in beta mode.
How to set up your Personal Domain through Cloudflare – find out here.

New Feature 1 year ago

Customize your Workspace colors

For Workspaces that want a more branded experience, we offer the possibility to customize your Workspace color. You can choose from the palette on the project settings. This feature is available for both regular users and the agencies that use our White Label option.

Enhancement 1 year ago

Track your team members’ local time easily.

Click on the user’s card you can see his local time. This way, you know which team members are available at the moment according to their working hours. This option saves you time searching the local time on the Internet.

New Feature 1 year ago

Project templates

With our work management templates, you can track, coordinate, and manage work in a structured and consistent manner.

New Feature 1 year ago

Dark mode

Whether you are blinded by the brightness of your screen at night or just prefer dark colors, Teamstage has got you covered. Switch easily to the dark mode and change the background of your workspace to black.

Enhancement 1 year ago

Archive a section in the list views

Archiving a section allows you to keep your project in order.
When you add more and more sections their number is drastically growing and it means a long list that you need to scroll down all the time. Working with this list is getting difficult. However, TeamStage provides you with the possibility to archive the sections, but don’t worry you will be able to access it easily. You can always restore a section via the project menu at the top of the page.

Enhancement 1 year ago


Star Favorite Projects. If you want to access your important projects quickly, simply star them as your favorites.

  • Starred projects will be pushed above the Project list.
  • Or you will be able to find them by clicking on the “Favorites” button on the left sidebar.

Enhancement 1 year ago

Custom Issue Types

Custom issue types help you create issues that are specific to the type of your work. You can hide the default type of issues and create a new one using custom or preloaded icons.

To create a new type of issue do the following steps,
1. click on the issue icon
2. choose “Manage issue types”
3. Click on the “Create issue type” button
4. Enter the name and description of the issue
5. Choose the icon from the preloaded list or add a custom one
6. Save changes

New Feature 1 year ago

The Power of Gamification in Team Task Management

We are too busy taking care of our work so don’t even realize that we might have missed someone’s achievements and forget to encourage each other.
Motivate your team and improve employees engagement by showing them your recognition with positive feedback, and gamified actions:

– Celebrate when the task is closed or a milestone is achieved with gamified actions (implemented)
– E-mail notifications for the tasks they complete as a daily summary with various badges (upcoming)
– By adding awards directly to the communication in the task for the work they do (upcoming)
– Encourage members when task moved to the section “x” (upcoming)
– leaderboard for some friendly competition to see who’s giving and receiving the most appreciation signs (upcoming)
– mood tracking to understand how employees fit into the project and how it affects to project running and the final result. Track changes on the historical chart (upcoming)

New Feature 1 year ago

Now numeric fields in List view can be calculated

Numeric fields will be calculated automatically in the list view. You just need to create a “# Number” custom field and fill in this field with data.
This feature is available on each plan of our pricing model.
As of now only the SUM function is available. To get the “Average”, “Max”or “Min” value, please leave your feature request here.

New Feature 1 year ago

Subtasks and Checklist Items are available from the list view

Now Subtasks and Checklist Items are available from the list view. It’s not necessary to expand the task to see what Subtasks or Checklist Items have been created and accomplished within the task.
If you’d like to see nested Subtasks and Checklist Items, please click on the ‘+’ button next to the name of the task.

New Feature 1 year ago

Checklists in Teamstage

Checklists are useful for breaking down tasks into and tracking specific steps that must be accomplished. Each checklist item can have a deadline and be assigned to multiple team members.

New Feature 1 year ago

Create tasks across multiple projects

The same task can be available in multiple projects simultaneously. It will help the team stay in the loop and prevent members from creating duplicate tasks.
For example, the developer is working on some task that is available both in his project, and the project where risks are listed. Even when the developer finishes with his part of the work, it should remain in the risk mitigation project and stay in the “Done” section of the development project. In this case, this task is relevant to more than one project and is related to high-level tasks at the same time.

New Feature 1 year ago

Assign each team member a specific role in the task

The main issue of multi-assignments is that the share of responsibility for each person in the task is not clear. To bring transparency and represent the role of the team member in the task we use RACI which stands for Responsible, Accountable, Consulted, and Informed. Each status reflects a role that team members will play and ensures that stakeholders’ expectations are set clearly from the start.

We are considering working on the RACI matrix report. If you are interested, please upvote here 

New Feature 1 year ago

Issue types (epic, story, bug, milestone, task) to differentiate types of work

Types of work differentiation will help your team track issues and assign the right people to resolve them.

Teamstage comes with default issue types: epic, story, bug, milestone, and task to meet the needs of your teams.

Unfortunately, you can’t customize your issue types right now, but if you upvote for it here we will work on it asap.

New Feature 1 year ago

How to Avoid Team Confusion by using Task ID within the project

Previously we have to assign the number to the task manually which led us to a confusing situation with doubled task numbers, etc.

Now, when you create a project your Task ID within the project will be set up automatically according to the title of your project – The project key. All tasks within a project will contain the same Project key and number in the sequence of tasks as listed.

It’s possible to rename or remove the Project key in your project settings.

At the moment you can’t create an ID for different task types within a project which differs from the custom ID generated by the system. But if you upvote here, we will work on it.

New Feature 1 year ago

Organize your projects

When you add projects for every type of work, their number is drastically growing and it means a longer sidebar. Working with this list is getting difficult. However, Teamstage has a few tools to help you organize your projects and tackle tasks that matter most.

  • Easily organize your projects with custom sidebar sections.
  • Bookmark the Projects you use the most with the Starred setting

New Feature 1 year ago

Multiple Assignees

Depending on the complexity of the task, one or more team members may be assigned to this task. As soon as you select them, they’ll be assigned to this task. Unselect users easily by clicking the ‘x’ above their avatar, or reassign them manually by using the ‘assign’ feature.

New Feature 1 year ago

Custom Priorities

By prioritizing tasks, you can organize them according to importance. By default you will have the following priorities in the project:

  • Urgent
  • High
  • Normal
  • Low

You are able to customize priority titles or colors though.