Task management

Keep your project organized

Subtasks are part of the parent task, and they are there to help you break a bigger task into smaller units. Once you finish a subtask, you can cross it off and visualize how closer you are to the end goal.

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Bite-sized tasks

Sometimes a project seems overwhelming and complicated with too many tasks to do. The best way to get organized in those cases is to break down large projects & tasks into bite-sized tasks.

Use Subtasks Effectively

TeamStage has more subtask features to help you distribute work:

Assign the subtask to multiple team members;
Set Priorities;
Assign the subtask across multiple projects;
Due date, Due time, Date Range, Created date, and more

Mark subtasks when finished

Make sure all team members are on the same page. Cross of the subtasks once it’s done to let others know how the project is going.

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