Task management

Break down your work with checklists

Checklists are a practical way of tracking to-dos within subtasks. List every major or minor task you have to complete and mark it when it's done. Stay organized and never again forget to do something.


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Assign a checklist item to one or more team members

This solution will add more accountability and transparency to your process.

Never miss a deadline with Due Date

Make sure every task and project is delivered on time with the Due Date feature.

Drag and Drop Checklist Items to Rearrange

Easily drag-and-drop checklist items to focus on priorities. Within this list of tasks, you can add assignees and due dates to keep the project organized.

Checklist items at glance from the List view & Board views

Choose between List or Board Views to see your checklist. Both are simple and slick, showing all the tasks and actions you have to complete. Your choice depends only on your work style and personal preference.

Control your progress

Complete each checklist item by checking them off via the checkbox next to the checklist item title. As you cross the tasks off, the progress bar changes colors to help you visualize the progress. Once all checklist items are completed, the progress bar turns green.

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