Organize your project

There are only a few things that kill productivity and motivation more than a disorganized project. Having to waste time searching for tasks and issues leads to frustration. Avoid this by organizing your project in the TeamStage workspace.


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Create sections

Sections are groups of tasks done by one department or related to the same project. Create them based on your project’s needs and type, and go as specific or as general as it works for your team.

List important tasks under Favorites

If you have some critical issues that you want to have in one easy-to-access place, you can mark them with a star and have them listed in Favorites. All of them will be listed one after another, regardless of the section to which they belong.

Customize every section

In the sea of tasks, it can get tricky to recognize different sections. To avoid confusion, TeamStage developed a feature where you can assign a color and icon to every section. All the tasks within that section will have the same style in the section list and workspace.

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