Customize your workspace

Do you need to give your teammates more information than your current workspace fields allow you to? Maybe it's crucial to let them know the estimated value or emphasize the task's priority. This is an easy fix in TeamStage - just add custom fields.


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Choose from the pre-made fields

TeamStage offers you some ready-made fields you can enable or disable, depending on your project needs and workflow. Choose whether you want to see assignees, due date, tags, etc.

Create a completely new field

Or, make your field with a unique name and description to give detailed information to your teammates.

Decide on the field type

You can choose from the following options: dropdown, text, or number.

Add options you and your teammates can choose from

For example, if you add the Priority field and choose the field type to be Text, your options could be High, Medium, and Low priority.

Save the new field to the field library

Save yourself a lot of time and add your custom field to the library if you know you’ll need it more often than once. There’s no need to create it time and time again. You’ll always have it at hand.

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