Finally it’s easier to not “just do it yourself”!

Living in an endless loop of task follow up? Projects continuously missing deadlines? It’s hard enough to get your work done much less make sure everyone else is on track with theres. Imagine if there was a project management tool that turned your team into a “get things done” machine! Welcome to

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TeamStage offers way better features than Asana

Try out and see how we get the job done. Richer with features, more organized, simple, and reliable workspace, that's what we offer.


Multiple Assignees



Indication of notifications between Workspaces

Task ID within the project

Default Issue types (epic, story, bug, milestone, task)

Custom Issue types

White label

Custom Sections to organize projects

Assign each team member a specific role in the project

Due date, Due time, Date Range

Task creation date

Issues across multiple projects

Cross project dependencies

Archive sections

Powerful Features Included In The App

Customize issue types to specific tasks

Customize issue types to specific tasks

Every task isn’t the same, so every issue can’t be either. Make a personalized issue type to tell your team precisely what the problem is and give them an accurate context for resolving it.

Use your own brand to offer services

TeamStage comes with a White label option that let you manage all of your clients – each on their own Workspace that can be enabled in the Workspace setting section with a single click and stylized to match your brand.

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