About Us

Created by managers for managers.

That’s what makes TeamStage stand out. The team behind this app has deep knowledge and experience in how project management works. We’ve done it all, from successful software development to web apps and sites, to SEO and design projects.

Our experience in managing both small and big teams with members in different locations and time zones proved essential. We knew exactly what features are vital to reaching your team’s full potential. Automation saves time. Calendar views give you perspective. Reminders ensure deadlines are met.

Our professionals come from different backgrounds and boast varying areas of expertise. Rather than having a product designed to meet the needs of a specific type of team, we went all in. As a result, this app has everything—regardless of how many people or what kind of tasks you manage.

Necessity-driven innovation.

Over the years, we have used and tested dozens of project management software solutions. We liked some, we hated others, but none had it all. Sleek and straightforward apps tend to lack advanced features. Those equipped with cutting-edge functionalities meanwhile are overly complex for first-time users.

What we needed was the perfect blend of simplicity and performance. So, the only logical step was to build the perfect tool ourselves. We had the knowledge and willpower. We didn’t want to settle for something that just doesn’t do the trick for us and you shouldn’t either.

Maximize team effectiveness one task at a time.

Say goodbye to the chaos, missed deadlines, and unhappy employees. TeamStage is dedicated to helping businesses achieve their performance zen from day one. Our transparent, user-friendly, and feature-packed app boost coordination, efficiency, and communication.

When everyone has the ‘how’, ‘what’ and ‘when’, the rest goes smoothly. After implementing this project management software into your operations, you are ready for smooth sailing.

Cornerstone values

Our values are the best representation of what we stand for. Each of these profoundly influences our daily operations, working style, and team culture.

  • Team-first mindset
  • Endless improvement
  • Full transparency
  • Building products we love
  • No-nonsense approach