Effortless project management anytime, anywhere.

Organize all your team members and tasks from a single dashboard with our free project management software.

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Streamline your projects and reach peak performance through essential features.

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Boost team efficiency with the best task management app.


Works for teams of any size, any type.

Do you lead a small office-based team, or do you manage hundreds of people in different locations and time zones? Either way, we’re here to help. Our free online project management software is packed with features that streamline your processes and organize your tasks. It doesn’t matter when and where your teammates complete their tasks. The app handles management, tracking, and reporting, letting you focus on spotless delivery instead.

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The best free project management software in action.

Our clients agree that their productivity has soared since they started using TeamStage. Check out how everything works and test all the robust features. Join the family of teams all around the world that prefer working smart over working hard.

A simple solution for complex projects.

From the simplest one-person tasks to complex workflows, our team management software gives you what you need and when you need it. Add multiple tasks and assign them to different team members. Ensure every deadline is met and that everyone in the team sticks to their responsibilities. Spot and deal with any issues immediately. Get started effortlessly with premade workflows, or create your own.

Discover our awesome platform!

With its intuitive dashboard and user-oriented design, anyone can make the most out of our free project management app. Managing your team has never been easier. We have found the perfect combo of simple interface and advanced features. Save hours you can invest in meeting your goals and connecting with your people.


No-headache team management.

Let go of your whiteboard and sticky notes. All you need to manage your team with our project management software successfully is a laptop or a smartphone. Check upcoming due dates and discover if some team members are overworked. Tackle overlapping tasks, add comments, track progress – all from a single dashboard. That’s the beauty of this all-in-one project management solution.


Not a single minute going to waste.

Log billable hours, non-billable hours, and total time spent on individual or group tasks. Ensure that hard work is noted and well-rewarded. Spot negative trends among team members and deal with roadblocks head-on. Know when your teammates work, learn their working patterns, and ensure maximum efficiency. This is the ultimate project management system for making every minute count.


Task management done right.

Boards, lists, calendars. You have it all. It’s up to you how, when, and why you use it. Find a comprehensive way to organize all your projects and tasks in one place. Create boards and lists to move tasks through their lifecycle smoothly. Assign people various duties and get notified when they complete them. Find all the latest changes in the feed section of this project management tool.

Charts & Reports

Get the reports of your dreams on individual tasks or massive projects. Always have accurate data on how your team is doing.


Gantt Charts

Create expectations and compare them to the actual results. Are you on the right track or maybe you need to speed things up? Use this established control tool to your advantage and never fall behind again.


Custom Reports

Custom reporting is an option, too when you want to focus on specific KPIs. In this regard, TeamStage goes beyond being a task management app. It also gives managers valuable insights that help them grow.


Utilization Charts

Generate utilization charts or task reports within a few clicks. Who of your team members will be free soon? Is someone struggling to keep up? Our utilization charts are here to give you the whole picture.


Project & Task Reports

Track status, assigned team members, hours worked, and milestones. Group the data as you wish using various filtering options. Have a clear view of how everything is progressing anytime and anywhere.


Your Rules

Automation and workflows let managers do things their way with our project management app. Eliminate repetitive tasks by setting rules, commands, and triggers. Relax and let the platform do its own magic.


Your Favorite Tools

TeamStage smoothly integrates with a range of other finance, time-tracking, communication, and marketing applications. Through a simple process, you can incorporate it into your daily operations.

Why managers and teams love us?

We asked our clients what makes TeamStage the best project management app for their businesses. Here are the highlights that make our platform stand out.

✔️ Intuitive interface

✔️ Gives a great overview of tasks and projects

✔️ Basic and advanced capabilities

✔️ Top-quality yet affordable solution

✔️ All-in-one product

✔️ Supports a range of devices

✔️ Integrates with other apps

In the office & in the world

Our free project management software is responsive, scalable, and flexible. You can now manage your team even if you’re stuck in traffic or relaxing by the beach. Reassign tasks, deal with emergencies, and get updates. All you need is an Internet connection, and the world is your office.

Switching platforms that don’t meet your needs for TeamStage is easy. We have a simple import process that enables you to transfer your entire workspace hassle-free.

Try it now. It's free!